Policy Insiders’

Media Habits

Both important and influential, we constantly seek effective ways to engage with policy insiders on behalf of our clients. Fortunately, policy insiders consume information voraciously, and as communicators, knowing their consumption habits gives us an advantage. 

To understand their media preferences, Avoq conducts an annual media habits survey of Washington D.C. policy insiders. We ask them to share their daily preferences from the moment they wake up, through the workday, and right up until they turn out the lights — or fall asleep, phone in hand, scrolling that last story. We also ask what sources they trust most and where they turn for policy or breaking news.

2024 Media Habits

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Insiders surveyed annually


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2024 Key Findings

Our trending data shows a shift in preferred media sources for policy insiders. A multi-year decrease in daily media usage continues in 2024 and we suspect significant changes in the D.C. media landscape may be on the horizon.

Insight 01
Politico is still the #1 source for policy news

However, we saw reduced intensity for the first time, with both newsletters and daily website visits down this year.

Insight 02
65% of insiders read eNewsletters daily

Sustaining their position as a key Beltway media tactic, despite a decline in interest from the previous year (especially among Democrats).

Insight 03
74% of policy insiders use LinkedIn at least once per day

LinkedIn holds strong as the top social platform. And both LinkedIn and Instagram saw solid gains YOY, unlike other media sources.

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With the ever-increasing demands on policy influencers’ attention, there is no room for error when planning your most effective Beltway strategy. Our Policy Insiders’ Media Habits is your roadmap to effective engagement with this essential audience.

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