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Helpful Summer Homework: Are You Ready for Congressional Reckoning?

Read five key issues university leaders and staff should consider when developing response strategies over the next several months.

Women Voters Say the Economy is Key to November Elections

Rebecca Shaw shares her POV on one key insight: Inflation and the cost of living are top of mind for women in battleground states.

New Jersey’s Role in AI Conversation is Lagging Among States

Senior Director of Insights & Strategic Planning Jonathan Scharff provides insight into how stakeholders can continue to champion AI, while signaling to residents and businesses around the country states are open for innovation.

Byron Calamese Joins Avoq as Chief Strategy Officer

Byron Calamese has joined Avoq's senior leadership team as Chief Strategy Officer based in the New York City Office.

Andrea Hagelgans Joins Avoq to Bolster Strategic Communications Capabilities, Drive Growth

Andrea Hagelgans has joined Avoq's Strategic Communications team; she will serve as Senior Vice President based in the New York City office.

Communicate. Activate. Advocate: The Power of Strategic Messaging for Earth Day

Take a look at some thoughts from our energy experts on how to use strategic communications to advance environmentally sustainable solutions.

Balancing Act: Communicating America’s Energy Transition

Dive into America’s energy transformation and explore what it means for energy companies and how they can navigate toward a clean energy future.