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Subject Matter+Kivvit is now Avoq, a national firm driven by data, insights and creative advocacy.

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Committing to DEI in Your Core Business Model

In order to fully integrate DEI into their business models, companies must go from intentionality to deliberate action.

A Conversation About the Value of Insights

Senior Director of Strategic Insights & Planning Jonathan Scharff talks about the power of insights in all facets of your strategy.

Kevin Richards, Avoq’s Chief Creative Officer, Shares His Thoughts on the 2024 Super Bowl Ads

Kevin Richards, our chief creative officer, shares his thoughts on the 2024 Super Bowl ads following an American Advertising Federation talk.

How Data Gives Crisis Communicators Insight into What’s Around the Corner

Maura Farrell and Patrick Kerley discuss how data, analysis and actionable insights can be integrated into the three phases of crisis communications.

Subject Matter, SIA Win PR Week’s “Best in Public Affairs Award”

A partnership with SIA that had focused on strategic communications and government relations expanded to other Subject Matter teams.

New Report: ESG Has Gone Mainstream – What’s Next?

Kivvit used our award-winning data expertise to analyze the evolution of ESG, in the changing ESG landscape.

New Report: Environmental Justice For The Win

This data-driven report shows clear opportunities for successful clean-energy development in areas where political, equity, and energy-demand rationales overlap.

New Data: How Ukraine’s Social Media Playbook Bolsters Western Support

Driving engagement on Twitter helps keep Ukraine top of mind among western political and media elites, who are overrepresented on the platform.