Balancing Act: Communicating America’s Energy Transition

America’s energy transformation is underway, and public opinion continues to shape its progress. While 67% of Americans endorse the development of renewables, there is still hesitancy towards a complete phase-out of fossil fuels. According to Pew Research Center, only 31% of Americans support a total transition away from these energy sources. Most Americans oppose ending

Five Takeaways from the Most Important Energy Conference in the World

During the “Superbowl of the energy industry” at CERAWeek Conference in Houston, Texas, the Avoq Insights team through our Live Social Media Dashboard tracked 10,200 social media posts on X (Twitter) to understand what moments from the conference were resonating online amongst media and stakeholders. Here are our takeaways: About Avoq’s Live Social Media DashboardAvoq’s

Committing to DEI in Your Core Business Model

Former American Express CEO and chairman Kenneth Chenault had it exactly right when he observed, “Company boards and management have to say, ‘Diversity and inclusion is a core priority, and it’s not a flavor of the month. It’s not something we’re just going to try for a year or two. We’re going to keep at

A Conversation About the Value of Insights  

Q: How are insights essential to helping clients reach their goals in today’s world? A: Companies need to have strategic plans in place for the ever-changing stakeholder, political and regulatory dynamics taking place in their priority focus areas. With that, we’re seeing the need of a greater understanding of public policy, media impact and online

Kevin Richards, Avoq’s Chief Creative Officer, Shares His Thoughts on the 2024 Super Bowl Ads

Last Sunday was the big game. And being a huge football fan, I was hoping to be interviewed by ESPN to provide play-by-play post-game analysis. Instead, I was invited to a Super Bowl ad discussion by the American Advertising Federation. My fellow panelists and I discussed the good, the bad and the ugly (see: Temu),

How Data Gives Crisis Communicators Insight into What’s Around the Corner

Excerpted from O’Dwyer’s What’s the secret to managing a reputational crisis? Having great instincts, communication skills and the ability to see around corners can help. Increasingly, however, it’s also knowing how to harness the power of data and insights. For CEOs, CMOs, CCOs and General Counsels who are on the spot when something goes very

Subject Matter and Kivvit Combine to Create National Communications and Advocacy Powerhouse

Washington, DC – Monday, May 1, 2023 – Subject Matter and Kivvit announced today that they have joined forces to create a new national agency that combines strategic communications, data analytics and insights, government relations, digital strategy, creative content, and advertising services into a single integrated consultancy. The firm, with more than 200 people, will

Subject Matter, SIA Win PR Week’s “Best in Public Affairs Award”

In early 2021, a global chip shortage loomed amid a global pandemic and a precarious economy. The Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) needed to highlight the importance of these engines of innovation, while drawing attention to the shortage as a pressing example of the critical need to boost chip production in the United States. As the

New Report: ESG Has Gone Mainstream – What’s Next?

How should today’s companies adapt their communications strategies as ESG becomes a larger part of the mainstream conversation? Kivvit used our award-winning data expertise to analyze the evolution of ESG, as well as data-driven insights of corporate communications strategies that are working – and not working – in the changing ESG landscape. Every ESG communication