How We’re Celebrating 5 Years of Creative Advocacy

The intersection of imagination and impact. That’s what we call creative advocacy, and it’s why we formed Subject Matter five years ago.

Since our founding, from the legacy firms Home Front Communications and Elmendorf Ryan, we’ve brought a unique approach to helping our clients. Whether we’re building healthier communities, eliminating youth vaping, reducing maternal mortality, promoting home ownership or maintaining America’s freight rail network, we solve each problem from a fresh, big-picture perspective.

We couldn’t do what we do without the many creative advocates who’ve inspired us over the years — those who have made a difference in this country and around the world in the most imaginative and effective ways possible.

For our fifth anniversary, we’re honoring four trailblazing creative advocates:

• Stevie Wonder
• Marlo Thomas
• Disability activists, including an eight-year-old girl named Jennifer Keelan-Chaffins
• LGBTQ activist Cleve Jones and thousands of collaborators

Their creative advocacy brought positive change to a world that needed it. It opened people’s eyes to issues when other methods had failed.

What exactly did they do to earn our admiration? We don’t want to spoil it. Head over to our Instagram channel @Creative_Advocacy, where we’ll be sharing their stories all week long.

And next time you need an unconventional solution to a problem, think of us. We’re excited to see what the next five years bring.