Kevin Richards, Avoq’s Chief Creative Officer, Shares His Thoughts on the 2024 Super Bowl Ads

Last Sunday was the big game. And being a huge football fan, I was hoping to be interviewed by ESPN to provide play-by-play post-game analysis. Instead, I was invited to a Super Bowl ad discussion by the American Advertising Federation.

My fellow panelists and I discussed the good, the bad and the ugly (see: Temu), but one ad we didn’t debate was the REESE’S spot that was voiced by Will Arnette and featured a visual calamity of emotion.

REESE’S Cups Big Game Commercial 2024 | Yes! :30

The best ads are always entertaining—funny, heartfelt or otherwise—and they deliver a message. Like our recent work for the Ad Council and CDC—an action-packed adventure of an advocacy campaign—that amuses as much as it informs.

REESE’S also delivered the brief in a sweet little package, brilliantly threading the needle between strategy and entertainment. So in their honor, I’ll highlight my Super Bowl “Hoorays!” and “Nays!” from this year’s crop of commercials.


  • Dunkin Donuts made Tom Brady look silly. And they made tons of other content that kept us laughing well beyond the 60 seconds.
  • Paramount+ mountain of entertainment made the best use of celebrity. Nothing gratuitous here, just a great use of characters to convey a marketing message. Creed’s cameo took it over the top or at least just short of the top. Check out the extended cut for even more fun.
  • The flock of sheep who out-baa’d Arnold Swartzeneger in State Farm’s ad.
  • Volkswagen who connected hearts to history with Neil Diamond’s “I Am… I Said.” Check out the extended cut here. Flawlessly produced, simple and emotional.
  • Michael CeraVe, for being so self-aware-a-Ve


  • So many celebrities. Makes you wonder who is being advertised? Is it an ad for Beyoncé or Verizón? Is it the Beckham’s or a bag of groceries? 
  • E-trade’s babies are 23 years old. RFK Jr.’s ad was more than a half a century old. Sheesh, there’s gotta be a new idea for these brands. 
  • Temu bludgeoned us with an oddly-produced vision of consumerism that made my ears cry. I refuse to link to it… we’ve all suffered enough already.
  • Kia’s ad was the definition of contrived.

Overall, most of this year’s ads took a humorous approach which I appreciate. My favorite ad didn’t make many people’s list, but it seems Taylor Swift made everyone’s list. At the end of the day, we had a blast with #AAFDC talking about it all. Until next year!