New Report: ESG Has Gone Mainstream – What’s Next?

How should today’s companies adapt their communications strategies as ESG becomes a larger part of the mainstream conversation?

Kivvit used our award-winning data expertise to analyze the evolution of ESG, as well as data-driven insights of corporate communications strategies that are working – and not working – in the changing ESG landscape.

Every ESG communication features a breadth of language and content that is painstakingly chosen to reach specific audiences. With this in mind, the question becomes:

  • Is your ESG reporting reaching its intended audience?
  • Are your ESG communications aligned with your company’s values?
  • Is that messaging resonating? 
  • How are you measuring ESG communications?

Deep analysis of ESG communications enables us to distinguish between fleeting fads and enduring themes. This analysis identifies not only how companies are evolving their ESG communications, but how audiences are responding and what the best communications strategies are to showcase their ESG goals. 


To help clients hone their ESG message, Kivvit developed mESG. This proprietary offering uses data-driven language analysis to align a company’s ESG messaging with their investors, customers, competitors, and stakeholders.

mESG analyzes:

  • ESG Messaging
  • Corporate ESG Report
  • News Coverage
  • Social Media Conversation
  • Government & NGO Statements
  • Earnings Call Transcripts & Filings 
  • Stakeholder Statements

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