Taking a look back at 2017’s exciting start

2017 has been busy.

2017 has been a busy and exciting year for our Subject Matter team. In July we took a big step forward and moved to our new home at 1201 New York Avenue, NW.
Now that we are home, we want to take a quick look back at some of our team’s incredible accomplishments during the year so far. This is just the beginning of an exciting future at Subject Matter.

JFK Presidential Library and Museum: Promoting a national icon on his 100th birthday
The JFK Presidential Library & Museum asked us to introduce a new generation of Americans to our 35th President. Creative team members Dan Tynan and Surin Bridge explored a way to bridge his legacy to contemporary society, connecting today’s America to President Kennedy’s principles and ideas. The campaign line “visionaries never go out of style” paid homage to the lasting nature of his dream while the art direction playfully leveraged his iconic sunglasses to portray his seeing things that few could imagine in his lifetime. The campaign made the most of $3.5 million in mainly donated media with placements in television, print, movie theaters and other out-of-home.

Association of American Railroads: Crafting an illusion to deliver a powerful message
From Oregon lumber to Detroit autos, America’s freight railroads deliver more for the American economy than meets the eye. To make deliver that message home to policymakers, our Creative Team relied upon special effects trickery in a new ad campaign for the Association of American Railroads. The ad, Multiples, utilized the largest green screen in Los Angeles and one of only two motion-controlled TECHNODOLLYs in existence. The result is eye-catching. See for yourself as Freight Rail Works’ spokesman clones himself more than 70 times, making an unforgettable statement about the industry’s impact on the American economy.

Allstate: Combining data analysis and content to engage audiences
Today’s digital ecosystem allows owned content to be the core of a complete communications strategy. Combine proprietary data analysis with compelling storytelling and you have a powerful formula for audience engagement. That was the thinking behind the Allstate/USA Today Small Business Barometer which measures the mood of the American small business community. Our agency brought the Allstate/USA Today Small Business Barometer to all 50 states through a negotiated partnership with USA Today. Our Chief Data Scientist developed the statistical model for the Barometer, and our Content, Video, Interactive and Creative teams brought the numbers to life through a comprehensive suite of original storytelling and advertising. The program earned extensive media coverage and helped Allstate deepen its identification with Main Street.