Eridania Navarro

Senior Accountant | Finance
Washington, D.C. |

Eridania is consistently dedicated to enhancing financial transaction processes, aiming to boost productivity and reduce the time spent on specific tasks, including client invoicing, weekly vendor payment selection, etc.

Before Avoq, Eridania worked as an accounts payable supervisor at CRAssociates, overseeing the accounts payable department associates, ensuring strict data entry accuracy, adherence to established processes and the seamless operation of the department.

She also worked as a general accountant at the New Orleans Downtown Marriott at the Convention Center, managing substantial conference group billings, with a focus on minimizing billing errors and disputes by strictly adhering to established guidelines/contracts and ensuring the punctual collection of payments.

Eridania lives in Alexandria, VA, but is originally from Puerto Rico. She loves to travel and learn about new cultures.