A Conversation About the Value of Insights  

Q: How are insights essential to helping clients reach their goals in today’s world?

A: Companies need to have strategic plans in place for the ever-changing stakeholder, political and regulatory dynamics taking place in their priority focus areas. With that, we’re seeing the need of a greater understanding of public policy, media impact and online conversations. That’s where insights can be incredibly valuable. We give organizations actionable perspective into their external landscape so they can accomplish their public affairs, communications and government affairs goals in support of broader business objectives.

Q: Have you seen any trends or requests that have stood out to you in the insights world?

A:  We have seen an increasing amount of interest in live dashboards being used in a variety of ways. Avoq’s dashboards offer a unique and valuable experience by focusing exclusively on external audiences, which enables clients to see critical insights in real time and allows us to strategize accordingly. Our team is a collection of experts with diverse backgrounds who interpret, analyze and transform discussions around industry or company-specific events and topics into actionable insights and strategy development for our clients.

Q: Do you have a recent example of how you’ve done this?

A: We’re currently planning for CERA Week in March – the world’s largest energy conference. Clients with dashboard access will be able to get real-time updates and insights on what stakeholders are saying online about the conference – what sessions and topics are trending, sentiment, candid reactions, etc. That data will be analyzed and curated by Avoq experts to develop strategies for clients quickly. This could be identifying new ways to participate in an ongoing policy conversation, or anticipating how an outlet or reporter will cover an issue, or possibly helping to identify a new audience for a branding campaign. That’s the beauty of these dashboards: the possibilities of how to look at the data can be customized to a specific need or objective.

Q: If you had to sum up the greatest value the Avoq Insights Team can provide to a client, what would it be?

A: Too often, research teams create reams of information on a situation, but little of it can be put to use directly. Avoq’s Insights Team focuses on providing not just the “what” and “why” of a situation, but ideas on how clients should move next. Our approach is to not just create dashboards or provide data points but to always pair it with support from our team and strategists across the firm to help clients make informed and strategic decisions to ensure their success.

About Jonathan:

Jonathan specializes in policy and data-driven public affairs, campaign development and geopolitical risk insights. He analyzes dynamics among the private sector, the regional economy, infrastructure and government policy to advise client strategy. Prior to joining Avoq, Jonathan worked at the New Jersey State Chamber of Commerce as an analyst supporting government affairs operations. Before that, he served as an intern in the policy division at the New York City Council, working on issues such as transportation and economic development.

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