Bryce Harlow

Senior Vice President | Government Relations
Washington, D.C. |

Bryce specializes in crafting effective advocacy strategies to help clients achieve their goals. He works with clients across industries with a special focus on media and telecommunications policy.

Recently, Bryce directed efforts to create a coalition, including a number of Fortune 500 companies, to repel efforts to regulate their industry to their detriment.

Bryce began his time on the Hill as a Senate page in the mid-90s. After college, he worked in the House Republican Cloakroom, and later served as a legislative aide for the Senate Judiciary Committee. Most recently, Bryce worked as a senior vice president at CBS Corporation for almost 14 years, where he led federal legislative and political initiatives for a Fortune 500 media company on issues of video policy, copyright, tax, privacy and Internet-related regulations.

Prior to that, he was the director of government relations at the National Association of Broadcasters, serving as the chief liaison between the radio/TV broadcaster’s advocacy organization and Congress and the White House Administration. Earlier in his career, Bryce worked in legislative affairs at the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). While at the FTC, he was instrumental in establishing the National Do Not Call Registry. He also served as the head liaison between the agency and federal officials on anti-trust, consumer protection and trade.

Bryce is a native Washingtonian and lives in the D.C. suburbs in Vienna, VA. You can typically find him coaching baseball or otherwise ferrying his kids to fields near and far.

Notable Works

  • Bryce serves on the Executive Committee of the Government Relations Leadership Forum, a group that brings together government relations professionals in the trade association and corporate worlds. He also serves on the board of the Bryce Harlow Foundation, which focuses on integrity in government relations advocacy and its importance in developing sound public policy.