New Report: ESG Has Gone Mainstream – What’s Next?

How should today’s companies adapt their communications strategies as ESG becomes a larger part of the mainstream conversation? Kivvit used our award-winning data expertise to analyze the evolution of ESG, as well as data-driven insights of corporate communications strategies that are working – and not working – in the changing ESG landscape. Every ESG communication

New Report: Environmental Justice For The Win

Graphic: Environmental Justice for the Win

Kivvit in partnership with Pivvot, a location intelligence company, released “Environmental Justice for the Win: The Next Clean-Energy Project Hotspots in the U.S.” This data-driven report shows clear opportunities for successful clean-energy development in areas where political, equity, and energy-demand rationales overlap. Months in the making, the in-depth report overlays energy grid locations with deep

New Data: How Ukraine’s Social Media Playbook Bolsters Western Support

Excerpt from PR News Online Late on October 7, as Russian president Vladimir Putin was celebrating his 70th birthday, the Kerch Bridge, connecting Russia and Crimea, exploded. Crimea is part of Ukraine, but in 2014 Russia invaded and annexed it, prompting international protests. Russia completed the bridge in 2018, a crowning achievement for Putin. For many Ukrainians, the bridge

New Data: Feistier White House Twitter Account Gains Attention, High Social Media Engagement

New Data: Feistier White House Twitter Account Gains Attention, High Social Media Engagement: graphic

EXCERPTED FROM O’DWYER’S For its first few years, the Biden White House was known for its strait-laced, professional manner. It was down the middle and focused its tone on “coming together” and “healing the nation” post-Trump. That changed on August 25th. After Republicans had criticized the Biden Administration for its student loan relief plan, the typically

Higher Education Digital Advertising Trends In The Age Of COVID-19

COVID-19 is upending the traditional higher education model. Institutions have been forced to rapidly adopt online learning, redefine their campus experience, and address enrollment and expenses amid declines in state aid and increased calls for lower tuition.  To understand how institutions are adapting their marketing to the current environment, Kivvit analyzed the Facebook advertising of