Paul Wind

Creative Director, UI/UX | Creative & Production
Washington, D.C. |

Paul specializes in UI/UX design, focused on creating seamless interactions and visually appealing interfaces. He manages a team of UI and UX designers to make sure all of the firm’s digital products are not just beautiful but also functional. Paul works on several clients across the company, including nonprofits, museums, government, healthcare, associations, education and higher learning, transportation, energy and financial services.

Paul led the creative for and launched two enterprise-level digital products in 2023 that required complete digital and content facelifts. Both websites contained dozens of pages that needed to be redesigned and updated.

Paul worked at Avoq as an art director from 2014 to 2018, concepting and producing campaigns and events for our clients. Before rejoining the team in 2021, he spent time at SmithGifford and Ketchum, leading art direction for clients like PETA, Children’s Hospital, Wendy’s, Freddie Mac and Clorox — to name a few.

Paul is a D.C. local. He is an avid cyclist, runner and figure-drawing artist.