Ryan Thurber

Creative Director, Video | Creative & Production
Washington, D.C.

Ryan is passionate about using art direction and animation as tools for engaging audiences. Always seeking to create fresh and meaningful visual solutions, he’s constantly exploring new techniques.

As a seasoned creative director and animator, Ryan embraces and utilizes all forms of animation: from traditional cel and 2D to photo-real 3D and motion graphics. Each project and client is unique, so he develops bespoke solutions tailored to their vision.

You’ve probably seen Ryan’s work before, since he’s led a wide range of projects: music videos, brand anthems, event-based installations—even a Super Bowl spot or two. He has contributed to many international brands such as Nike, Toro, Visa, Under Armour and National Geographic, to name a few.

Ryan has lived in many places, but currently calls Maryland home. Outside of work you may find him lost in the woods on an overnight hike, paddle boarding at one of his favorite spots along the coast of Delaware or just at the movies soaking up a good film.