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Communicate. Activate. Advocate: The Power of Strategic Messaging for Earth Day

Every year, Earth Day prompts us to think about the individual actions we can take to help the environment. While taking those individual steps is helpful, treating Earth Day as a singular event misses the point: We need to meaningfully address our most significant environmental issues with a much broader approach each day. This means simultaneously embracing a range of technologies, policies, long-term investments and societal changes.

While costs and technological limitations are more obvious barriers, our clients often face much bigger communications and public affairs-related challenges that hinder solutions to advance policies or call people to action. Here are thoughts from some of Avoq’s energy experts on how clients can use strategic communications to advance environmentally sustainable solutions:

“Companies should think more creatively about how their environmental and sustainability messages are integrated into communications opportunities. Employees, investors, customers and regulators all have different reasons to pay attention and that should be reflected in the environmental communications strategy.” – Jonathan Scharff, Senior Director, Insights & Strategic Planning

“Just like in any sound message strategy, it’s all about the audience. What resonates with a farmer in Des Moines is probably going to be different than what might resonate with a clean energy entrepreneur in Denver or a lobbyist in D.C. — even if they are all supporting the same goal. There’s no one right message; there’s a different right message — and messenger — for each intended audience.” – Katie Coleman, Director, Strategic Communications

“Clear, compelling storytelling is paramount in the clean energy space where the benefits of innovative technologies can sometimes be complex. I’ve helped clients distill their messages into relatable narratives that resonate with diverse audiences. Whether it’s highlighting the human stories behind renewable projects, showcasing the tangible benefits for local communities or illustrating the journey toward a greener future, strategic storytelling has significantly amplified the reach and impact of our communications efforts.” – Shafian Rahman, Senior Associate, Insights & Strategic Planning

“It’s important to know the broad benefits of your work and how it will impact a wide variety of audiences. While a client may have specific points they think are the most impactful, oftentimes surveys and research will tell you what really resonates. This will allow you to know what messages work the best and what messengers are most effective at delivering those messages.” – JP Valadez, Senior Director, Strategic Communications

“From communications to operations and everywhere in between, sustainability must be fully integrated into everything businesses and organizations do to not only tell an authentic story, but also for these efforts to be effective.” – Catherine Turco King, Senior Director, Strategic Communications

“What you stand for and value as a company matters, and not just to your shareholders. Millennials and Gen Z are keenly aware of how companies operate, their principles and values, and members of both generations tend to spend their money and time on companies that align with their thinking.” – Sarah Hamilton, Partner & Midwest Public Affairs Lead

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