Jon Paul Valadez

Senior Director | Strategic Communications

JP specializes in campaign and coalition management, public affairs and stakeholder engagement. He has worked on award-winning media and communications campaigns for energy, education, healthcare, transportation, infrastructure and nonprofit clients.

JP has been integral to some of the most influential campaigns to affect Illinois over the last several years. He was active on the early legislative side to bring marriage equality to Illinois, then played a key role in that same effort for Avoq. He also directed Avoq’s successful effort to legalize adult-use cannabis in the state, and has led much of Avoq’s clean and renewable energy work.

Before joining Avoq, JP worked for the Illinois House of Representatives, developing communications, leading legislative efforts and directing community outreach programs for House Democrats. As a regional coordinator for the caucus, he engaged with members at the Capitol and in their districts to help them successfully implement their public policy goals. He led efforts in Chicago, the suburbs and downstate, which gave him perspective into the state’s diversity and a deeper understanding of the issues that are important to Illinois’ constituencies. Additionally, JP served as campaign manager for some of the most highly contested State House races for the Democratic Party of Illinois.

JP is from the Southeast Side of Chicago and now lives on the Northwest Side of the city with his wife, son and dog.