Jeff Philips

Senior Vice President | Strategic Communications
Chicago |

Jeff specializes in campaign management, digital communications, advertising, media relations and grassroots organizing. He has won several awards for his national work and engages with clients across industries, including energy, higher education, land use and the public sector.

Jeff brings years of political and PR experience to Avoq, where he directs projects and oversees work plans. He also takes a hands-on role in developing media strategies and drafting scripts, ad copy, social media plans and other campaign materials.

Prior to joining Avoq, Jeff was an associate at AKPD Message and Media, where he did media work and research. From there, he worked on the Obama presidential campaign, where he helped organize get-out-the-vote efforts in more than a dozen states throughout the primary and general election. After that, he worked as an associate at ASGK Public Strategies, the company that eventually became Avoq.

Jeff serves on the board of directors of the Respiratory Health Association. He lives in the Chicago suburbs with his wife and three sons.