Tom Meara

Partner, East Coast Public Affairs Lead | Strategic Communications
New York |

Tom is a battle-tested communications professional who specializes in developing and leading strategic public affairs campaigns for clients across a wide array of industries, including labor, energy, environment and criminal justice.

Tom develops innovative, award-winning solutions for his clients and provides strategic guidance, media relations, coalition management and paid media advice for legislative and communications initiatives. He has also successfully assisted various corporate and nonprofit organizations in their efforts to navigate complex media environments and overcome crisis situations.

Tom has played a crucial role in some of Avoq’s most significant campaigns, including serving as the press and communications lead for a statewide campaign against the Constitutional Convention, leading a robust earned media effort to pass comprehensive criminal justice legislation in New York, developing content and paid media strategy to pass Medical Aid in Dying legislation in New Jersey, and providing strategic guidance and leading earned media and public affairs for a mass effort to bail women and children out of Rikers Island.

Prior to joining Avoq, Tom served as a principal at M Public Affairs, where he helped lead a campaign that successfully advocated for middle class wages on behalf of construction unions.

Tom is from Queens and now lives in Garden City South, NY, with his wife and two children.