Sam Berman

Director | Strategic Communications
New York |

Sam specializes in audience development and executing research-informed and data-driven paid media campaigns that can penetrate today’s fragmented information ecosystem and deliver important information to key constituencies. He specializes in electoral and advocacy campaigns and works with labor unions and nonprofits to drive political and policy outcomes in New York and beyond. He directed an award-winning campaign that led to a 30-point victory in a New York State bond issue in 2022.

Before Avoq, Sam served on political campaigns from New Jersey to Nevada, including as a deputy field director on Phil Murphy’s successful 2017 gubernatorial campaign and as the field director for the Nevada Senate Democratic Caucus during the 2018 cycle. Before that, Sam worked in local government as an aide to the mayor of Jersey City, coordinating with key political, communications and policy personnel.

Sam lives in Brooklyn and — like any self-respecting Brooklynite — has picked up bouldering and biking to stay busy when not at the office.