Rashanah Baldwin

Senior Advisor | Strategic Communications
Chicago |

Rashanah is an award-winning broadcast journalist and Chicago community leader. She has worked to change her neighborhood’s perception and negative news coverage through community outreach, community engagement work, and via her “Good in Englewood” media campaign and former weekly talk radio segment entitled “What’s Good? in Englewood.” She specializes in messaging, communication strategy, and community engagement across Chicago.

In addition to her work with Avoq, Rashanah is a project manager at Bloomberg Associates, where she primarily works with the city of Chicago tracking projects, managing risk mitigation, and managing project progress across several different focus areas. Previously, she worked at Rudd Resources, where she devised media campaigns and corporate partnerships in Chicago neighborhoods; facilitated meetings with residents, state, and city elected officials; and established community relationships via community outreach. Before, Rashanah worked as a communications coordinator for Illinois Lieutenant Governor Julianna Stratton, and as a community coordinator and neighborhood strategist with Neighborhood Housing Services of Chicago.

Rashanah grew up in Chicago’s South Side community of Englewood and she currently resides on the South Side, where she enjoys doing her podcast “Someone You Need To Know,” working out, and trying out new vegan recipes.